Shipping and Logistics Services

Al Muzayan Global General Trading Company provides all transportation services (air – sea – land). As well as, full container load FCL, partial less than Container load LCL and all customs clearance services with high accuracy, terminating all shipping procedures, transporting goods in cooperation with major international companies, and provide all services related to export and unloading to meet the needs of customers .

Al Muzayan Global struggles to be the a reliable logistical support for its customers, Al Muzayan Global has accurate understanding of shipping and logistical needs; also has extensive knowledge of internationally followed laws and procedures in order to achieve the desired goal.

  • Storage with the highest standards of safety.
  • Storage with the highest standards of safety.
  • Customs clearance services.
  • Terminating all shipping procedures.
  • FCL services.
  • LCL services.
  • Logistics services.

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